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Coding One PC support from editing, U disk copy, the computer sends three print mode; continuous printing can support a variety of fonts, also supports multiple serial printing large character and small character, pass to kill micro characters; original flash jet technology does not plug; printing directly edit information without a computer; without diluent, non-polluting; green.



Print height1-17.5mm
Printing precision200dpi
Printing distance1-8mm
Print angle0-90 degree adjustable nozzle print head 0-90 degrees adjustable. Software adjustable font water Bits BMP format, the external interface RS-232 interface, vertical mirror printingOptional 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degree rotation printing.
Power requirements100-250VAC, 50-60Hz
IPrinting speedup to 30 m / min
Printing lengthprint files stored lengths up to 1.5 meters
The number of filescan store 16 messages, 16 pattern
With softwareHB-128I Synchronizer (optional)
External InterfaceUSB, synchronous, optical eye, serial cable
Printing fontssupports a variety of fonts
Printing RowsChinese 8 rows, 15 lines of digital English
Printing datedatetime format supports a variety of print
Printing graphicscan be sprayed a variety of trademark logo, graphics transmission from the aspect ratio and the length of any restrictions
Barcode printingsupport ESN8 code, EAN13 code, EAN128 code, UPC A codes, UPC E code, Code93 code, Code128 code, Code25 codes.
Printing serial numbersupports multiple serial printing (up to 8 digits) may be connected to a predetermined set-hop number.
Continuous printingcables and other materials can be in a -pitch continuous printing
Garbled printingprinting support EXCL garbled
Standby printingidle spit ink jet printing with automatic function to prevent the print head clogging.
Ink typeMining drying green ink, oil-based inks, UV inks, without thinner, more environmentally friendly.
Ink colorblack, red, white, blue, green, yellow.
Printing Materialsurface of the metal, plastic, wood, aluminum, steel, cardboard, building materials, glass and the like.
Applicable Productssuch as mobile phone displays, kits, plastic, steel doors and windows, aluminum, batteries, PCB circuit boards, speakers, cell phone case.